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Our mission

As an anchor investor, we support deep-tech companies on their long-term growth path. 

The DeepTech Future Fund (DTFF) is a new investment fund in the field of high technology (deep tech), financed with funds from the “Zukunftsfonds” and the ERP Special Fund. We invest in the hidden champions of tomorrow, helping to create the next technology-based generation of Germany’s “Mittelstand”. In doing so, we are strengthening the long-term competitiveness of the German economy. A total investment volume of up to EUR 1 billion is earmarked for the DTFF over the next ten years.

Strong technology companies based in Germany 

Our fund is the right partner for entrepreneurs running innovative deep-tech companies whose business models are characterized by a longer development cycle and high financial requirements. We want to offer these companies a long-term perspective in Germany. The DTFF aims to support deep-tech companies in their rapid growth phase while ensuring they retain their independence at the same time. This includes a joint journey to capital market readiness.

Generating value together

We always invest together with private investors who – like us – have a long-term investment approach. Together with these investors and deep-tech entrepreneurs, we aim to create sustainable value and contribute to Germany’s development into a hub for deep-tech companies.

Fund management and network

The DTTF is managed by the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), which has a 16-year track record in VC investment. Its investment team has built up a wide range of expertise in assessing technologies and companies. HTGF also contributes a very large network including excellent contacts to potential investment partners to the DeepTech Future Fonds. The DTFF is managed by an independent team of experienced investment managers.

For entrepreneurs

Focused on the next generation of hidden champions

As a co-investor, we provide financing to growing deep-tech companies with validated business models that have the potential to become global market leaders. We offer support as a long-term growth partner and anchor investor, helping to lay the foundation for your long-term independence. We invest up to EUR 30 million per company. On top of this, private investors also take up a stake. For deep-tech company entrepreneurs, we are an experienced sparring partner. This is particularly true for companies considering an IPO as a strategic option. The DTFF also finances “buy & build” strategies and offers existing shareholders an exit opportunity. Professionalism, transparent processes and quick decision-making define our day-to-day work as well as technology expertise and transaction experience.

Examples of sectors we invest in:




Life sciences

Next Generation


Industry 4.0 / IoT
Sensor Technology
New Energy
Additive Manufacturing
Next Generation


Artificial Intelligence
Quantum Computing
Data Analytics / Simulations
IT Security
Cloud Infrastructure
Next Generation


Process Automation
Smart City
Augmented / Virtual Reality
Next Generation

Life Science

Digital Health
Industrial Biotech
Circular Economy / Sustainability
New Materials
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For investors

Joint investments for sustainable growth and value

We invest together with private investors (e.g. family offices, foundations, private companies and individuals) who have a long-term investment approach and are focused on the sustainable growth of their investments. In doing so, we combine the fundamental values of traditional entrepreneurship with cutting-edge technologies driven by the challenges of tomorrow. Our aim is to build bridges and contribute our expertise in transactions and technology assessment as well as our many years of experience in fund management. We always take a co-investor role alongside private investment partners. A total investment volume of up to EUR 1 billion is earmarked for the DTFF over the next ten years.

million euros of investment
per company
Large, relevant
years of experience in
fund management

DeepTech Future Fonds –
Building bridges between
long-term-oriented investors,
Germany’s “Mittelstand” and
growing deep-tech companies.

Background information on the DTFF


What is the lifetime of the fund?

The fund targets a lifetime of at least 25 years.

What is the investment focus of the DeepTech Future Fonds?

The fund is particularly focused on companies ranging from traditional deep-tech areas such as industry 4.0/IoT, robotics, AI, quantum computing, blockchain and process automation, to companies with a tech-based business model from sectors such as digital health, new energy, fintech, smart cities and certain areas of the biotech industry. In addition, we’re also looking for innovative deep-tech companies that will disrupt other markets.

How much does the DeepTech Future Fonds invest in each company?

As a co-investment fund, the DeepTech Future Fonds only invests together with private investors. Investments made through the DTFF comprise a mix of private (at least 30%) and public (up to 70%) funding. The investment amount is limited to a maximum of EUR 30 million per company over the entire company lifetime. In the first financing round, DTFF invests at least EUR 1 million.

When will the fund start investing?

The DeepTech Future Fonds is up and running. We expect the first investments in the near future.

What kind of equity stake is the DTFF targeting?

The DTFF will always hold a minority stake of less than 25% of voting rights, similar to all other public investment funds.

Who is a suitable co-investor?

In terms of private investment, there are a wide range of potential investors such as evergreen funds, listed investment companies, foundations, family offices, private companies and business angels, who intend to make a long-term investment commitment.

Who takes investment decisions at the DeepTech Future Fonds?

The managing directors of the DeepTech Future Komplementär GmbH make a final decision on the investment that is made “pari-passu” with the private lead investor. They are currently recruited by an executive search firm.

Our team

Your partner and value developer

Our team is committed to building bridges between long-term-oriented investors, Germany’s “Mittelstand” and growing deep-tech companies. We work in various roles to ensure the success of our investments. In our roles as networkers, scientists, or engineers, we rely on our own personal entrepreneurial experience.

Dr. Torsten Löffler
Dr. Torsten Löffler
Dr. Torsten Löffler is as enthusiastic about corporate strategy as he is about deep tech. The physicist, who holds numerous patents, also founded a measurement technology start-up and held senior positions at a number of technology companies. As part of the High-Tech Gründerfonds hardware team, he was responsible for investments in industrial hardware and software companies, including successful exits. As Principal/Prokurist, Torsten is now a part of the investment team at the DeepTech Future Fonds, which he was actively involved in setting up.
Tobias Faupel
Tobias Faupel
Tobias Faupel, a former managing director at BASF subsidiaries and medium-sized companies, is in his element when it comes to customers and sales concepts. But being an engineering he is also passionate about deep-tech topics. He has a transaction track record at all stages of a company’s life cycle due to his own start-up experience and roles held at Deutsche Bank and High-Tech Gründerfonds. As Principal/Prokurist, Tobias is now a part of the investment team at the DeepTech Future Fonds, which he was actively involved in setting up.
Julia Seeliger
Julia Seeliger
Julia Seeliger is passionate about the start-up world. During her time with the High-Tech Gründerfonds life science team, the economist worked closely with tech founders. She now strengthens the investment team at the DeepTech Future Fonds as an analyst.
Charlotte Rümenapp
Charlotte Rümenapp
Charlotte joined the DeepTech Future Fund in September 2021 as a Junior Analyst. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Economics from Maastricht University with a semester abroad in Taiwan and has already dealt with the topic of Entrepreneurial Finance during her studies. She gained practical experience in the startup ecosystem through internships at biotech VC b.value AG, at Deutsche Börse Group in the Pre-IPO and Capital Markets department and in the Corporate Finance Department of the startup Africa GreenTec. She loves to spend her free time in the water on her surfboard.
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